After the Fall: Central and Eastern Europe since the Collapse of Communism


This collection of articles was first gathered and presented to a conference held at the University of Nottingham, organised by the Institute for Russian Soviet Central and Eastern European Studies and the School of History. The objective was to mark the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with a wide-ranging review of the state of the post-communist world that was inaugurated by that highly symbolic event. To do this, we have drawn on scholarship from international relations, politics, economics, sociology, literature, geography, cultural studies, and Russian studies. Space limitations make it impossible to cover every aspect, country or theme, but these papers do constitute a vivid and incisive guide, which offers new observations and in many cases original data to build a comprehensive picture of the impact of the first ten years of post-communist developments.

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  • Roy Bradshaw, Nick Manning and Stuart Thompstone. Introduction.
  • Michael Kaser. Thirty Paths in Thirty Transitions: Is There a Common Destination?
  • Martin McCauley. From Monopoly Socialism to Bandit Capitalism: Russia Since 1992.
  • Lewis Siegelbaum. The Condition of Post-Soviet Labour in Russia.
  • Jerzy Gabrielczyk. Economic Transition in Poland: Reflections of an Adviser to the Polish Government.
  • Mike Wright, Igor Filatotchev, Trevor Buck and Kate Bishop. Ten Years After: Corporate Governance in Russia.
  • Rosalind Marsh. Russian Literature Since the Collapse of Communism: Continuity or Change?
  • Kirsten Mey. Cultural Policy in Berlin Ten Years After Reunification.
  • James Muckle. Education in Post-Communist Russia: Continuity and Crisis.
  • Nick Manning. Social Issues and Social Policy in Russia.
  • Svetlana Stephenson. Homelessness in Russia: The Mechanisms of Social Displacement.
  • Galina Yemelianova. Muslim Russia After the Fall of Communism.
  • Roy Bradshaw. Environmental Problems in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.
  • Jim Riordan and Stuart Thompstone. Sport Under and After Soviet Communism: A Different Ball Game.